Author Ralph Reynolds

Reader-praised and well-reviewed, from author Ralph Reynolds comes four memorable books that will engage, inform, and entertain any reader.



See how a long-lost gold mine holds deadly secrets in Die Rich Here.

A humorous and revealing coming of age journey awaits you in Growing Up Cowboy.

Read a novel of outlawed love, religion, and final redemption in The Bishop Meets Butch Cassidy.

Witness how hope springs despite looming disaster in The Killvein White.

Read the Kirkus feature story about Ralph and his book Die Rich Here.
by Ken Salikof
“Ralph Reynolds is haunted by gold. Not owning it, but searching for it. For the past 60 years, the 83-year-old, retired Reynolds has been obsessed with finding the Lost Adams Diggings, a legendary 19th-century gold mine in New Mexico and the subject of his newest book, Die Rich Here, an account of those intrepid prospectors consumed by the lure of gold. “While he hasn’t found the mother lode from which the placer deposits came,” the Kirkus review said, “he’s struck gold with his tale of ‘blood and guts, hope and hardship, dust and disappointment.’ ”
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